''Other people's dogs are fun, but wait until you find out how great your dog is!'' - me

Certified Professional Dog Behaviourist

Worldwide online 1 to 1 Behaviour Consultations & Concept Training with MSc Behaviourist DJ!

My name is DJ, certified and professional dog behaviourist & concept trainer. I exclusively use scientifically proscientifically proven and positive, fear-free trainings techniques

With at least 15 years of experience training and rehabilitating every kind of dog, from working lines to show dogs, well socialised ‘problem’ pets and dogs from different countries like Greece or Romania. With a Bachelor’s degree in Behaviourism and a Master’s degree from University under my belt een BSc I’ll coach you so you’ll achieve your goals! Whatever your challenge, I’m here to help you improve the vond you share with your dog!

We’re proud to be the only University educated (online) Behaviourist (NL/EN) in the Netherlands! Named after me & my dogs as a team and inspired by our own story we offer a unique and tailor-made experience in every consult & training.

Certified – Mr. Drs. & MSc Behaviourist, Dog Behaviourist BSc, (Trick)Dog Trainer, Hoopers Instructor and TrickDog Champion (Dogvision, O&O, CTDI, VU Univeristy, DMWYD)


I started Barksbehaviour to change one dog's world So I can change the world for every dog. To help you and your dog undersrand each other better and turn you into a team: that's my mission!


Creative, keen, problem-solving, determined and an out-of-the-box thinker. Words that describe me to a T ánd attributes that mean I can go that extra mile for you.


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