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Dog Behaviour Consults & Concept training

''If there is no way, we'll create one.'' -DJ

Permanent Recovery | No Quick Fix | More calmess on walks & in the home | Fear-Free | Positive | Behaviour Problem Prevention |

If your dog (has) develops(ed) behaviour problems this often screws with his ánd your day-to-day happiness. Fortunately, there’s a solution!
Do you want to get rid of that pesky problem behaviour? Book an appointment for a Behaviour Consultation! Together we find the cause and motivation of the problem. We then work on the solution with a tailor-made and unique treatment plan. No more problem, only awesome!
And make sure it doesn’t develop again? Behaviour problems can develop because of your dog’s unstable foundation. This foundation consists of concepts, is genetic ánd fortunately changeable through Concept training! With a games-based and tailor-made training you nail those goals and have fun doing it! After this your dog bounces back from stress with ease and resilience. No more unstable foundation, say hello to relaxation!
Do you want to take your solution seeking to the next level? Choose a 2-in-1 program! Includes 24/5 whatsapp coaching. Are you going to start working on the solutiontoday?

Ready to stop messing about and start living a more relaxed, fun life with your dog?

Go you, you’re brave enough to admit you need help! That is a big step.

Does your dog start barking whenever he catches sight of another dog? Does he lie down? Can’t have friends over? Does your dog bark at everyting? Can’t get him to focus on you, even with your 100 treats? No joy in having a dog any more? Does your dog struggle with…

  • Reactivity directed at people/dogs/traffic
  • Display agression
  • Display resource guarding/claiming objects
  • Are hyperactive
  • Excessive Barking
  • Barks when the doorbell rings
  • Other unwanted or problem behaviour

Why Barksbehaviour?


My methods work! I work exclusively with scientifically proven effective, fear-free, positive reward-based treatment- and training techniques. Learning is fun!


As a certified professional Dog Behaviourist I work with a diverse set of behavioural issues every day. Gained experience a.o. as an instructor, training shelter dogs and peer mentor.

DJ- MSc Dog Behaviourist

CEO BarksBehaviour

"Investeer in yourself. It's your job to build up your dog's and your confidence. I'll help you achieve it!"

"We know this is your job, but we were just talking about how happy we are with your coaching. Compliments on how you work! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating!"

Hadassa, Jorrit & Dibbes

Consult Complete – Hyperactivity

"After thinking about it for a long time, we purchased a pup in September 2021. DJ provided us with a lot of great tips and a professional treatment plan to work on our young pup's anxiety issues. We could tell immediately she has a lot of experience with dogs and is a very committed person!"

Jelle, Ursula & Maaike

Consult Basic – Separation Anxiety

Book now

Choose a time & date and the package that suits your and your dog's individual needs. Fill in the questionaire and make at least one clear video of the unwanted behaviour (allowed to send in later).


During the 1-to-1 videocall consultations we work on what's really important to you. We discuss the unwanted behaviour, I draw up a diagnoses and immediately give you some practical tips.


You receive your treatment plan + diagnoses on paper. And you start working on the solution! You can ask me anything up to 3 months after the last consultation. Some programs even have 24/5 whatsapp coaching!


You and your dog are a team again. You experience piece, balance and are self-sufficient. 6 weeks after your programma has ended I'll call you for a follow-up.


Dogs helped


Years experience


Happy owners


Diplomas received

Are you ready to start living a relaxed, happy and confident life with your dog?

”I’ll hand you the tools to become a team with your dog again.”

– DJ. BarksBehaviour Dog Behaviourist
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