Every dog deserves a solution fitting to his or her needs

What is unwanted or problem behaviour in dogs?

Do you and your dog experience anxiety whenever another dog comes into view? Don’t want to leave the house for fear of your dog barking? Own a hyperactive dog that drives you crazy? Or doesn’t come when called? Does the behaviour bother you, your dog or your surroundings? Then Houston, we’ve got a problem-behaviour.

It’s important to work on this problem behaviour and fortunately I’m here to help you do just that. Voor every kind of dog, young or old, rescue or with you since pup, there’s a fitting solution for everyone! All I need form you is dedication and your enthusiasm.

How does problem behaviour in dogs develop?

You brought a puppy home and the first weeks are going peachy, but then….you try and take a chew away and he growls at you. ‘’It’ll be fine,” you tell yourself. But the next day he does it again and he even snaps at you. Shit. Problem behaviour starts developing. It can go that quickly!

There are lots of different reasons problem behaviour may develop. Your surroundings, you as a dog owner, physical health and other factors may come into play in the development of problem behaviour. Therefore, if necessary and with your permission, I work closely with vets, physical therapists and other dog professionals. This to ensure a treatment plan that is as unique to your dog’s needs as possible.

A Dog Behaviour consultation?

A lot of the time when a problem arises, your neighbours, friends and co-workers are quick to pile well-meaning advice on you. Stuff that worked for their dog or they saw work for a friend’s dog. Not only that, Google and Youtube are filled with contradictory pieces of advice. But…Every dog is unique, just like every person. This well-meaning advice is unfortunately mostly obsolete and in some cases can even lead to dangerous situations! Which means it’s even more important to find an expert to help you find the cause for development of problem behaviour and provide you with accurate and fitting advice.

The term Behaviourist is very hip right now, but what does it stand for? Simply put Behaviourism for Dogs is the study of causation and motivation of behaviour and the practical application of tailor-made treatment plans for unique situations. A certified Behaviourist (like me) has completed a 3-year University level education with scientific foundation, is aware of all possible treatments and interventions and is an expert at reading all kinds of dogs. Reading dog body language can be challenging. which is why I’m here to translate your dog for you and help you communicate better as a team.

Is a Behaviour consultation for you?

Does your dog display unwanted or problem behaviour? Or do you want to prevent development of problem behaviour?

Examples of unwanted or problem behaviour are a.o.: excessive barking, reactivity on lead at people/dogs/traffic, fear of fireworks, general anxiety, agression, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, inable to settle, chasing cyclists/cats/game, barking at the doorbell, agression towards visitors, pulling on lead, agression towards dogs, bitey puppy’s, unable to ride in the car or carsickness and other unwanted or problem behaviour.

Are you ready to start having fun with your dog again? Jump in and book an appointment!

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